Tintometric System


The Boero tinting system is done via X-SMART tinting machines that allow you to make professional dosages in your points of sale.
The elegant design combined with a small footprint makes automatic dosing accessible to everyone.
X-SMART piston pump technology is approved. The pump and reservoir have been designed in a single module to have tubeless technology.
The needle valve avoids dosing problems.
The X-smart tinting machine that we provide to you is a fully automatic 16 canister machine which greatly facilitates its use and maintenance.

Tintometric System


Next to the tinting machine, we provide our customers with a gyroscopic mixer to allow easy and efficient homogenization of our tints.

Tintometric System


This complete system will allow you to color correctly and faithfully both decorative paints and standard paints and that in the color charts: NCS and RAL K7

As well as custom Boero color charts: CONTEMPORANEI and CORDINATI